Placeables not working on dedicated servers but work fine on singleplayer?

I have the engrams and I can craft the items they show up in my inventory but I can’t “PLACE” them in the map on dedicated server? It is placeable on singleplayer.

I had the issue of items not placing before on singleplayer but it was simply adding it to additional placeable items in the primal game data.

Please help I am trying to put this on my private server so my friends can help me test/flush out the item costs but I can’t get it to place in the actual game

Figured it out thanks to aenigmis… so putting the answer here in case anyone else runs into this… you have to delete your entire mod’s folder from the shootergame/content/mod folder find your mod’s id and delete it and the .mod file… now reload steam to make it re-download the files… NOW copy those files onto the servers content/mod folder.

I play test single player on my computer and then copy the files over to my dedicated when I’m good with what’s there … the only issue is …steam doesn’t always fully update the files when you make small changes so you delete the folder (NOTE: DO NOT DELETE IT FROM SERVER) and then copy overwrite server’s files… but don’t delete the folder from server as sometimes steam doesn’t download everything and you’ll end up crashing your server