Place to find good UE4 static meshes?

been having a bit of a tough time finding places that have UE4 “ready” meshes. Often times the UVs are off which messes up with lots of lighting things, or the materials still using older methods so I have to rebuild materials, that then look bad on the model cause they were all spec driven, etc etc.

Was wondering if people have found some good places to dig up models free or paid, that are built around PBR with proper UVs etc.

Sometimes in here you can find some UE4 ready assets: https://forums.unrealengine/forumdisplay.php?12-Community-Content-Tools-and-Tutorials Otherwise you will have to download them from turbosquid, blendswap,… -> but as you already said, they are not ready for use in a game (so you will have to create lightmaps)

There is a lot of places to get fair use assets but expect them not to be game ready.


There is the problem of due diligence as to the source of such assets as to true ownership of both the content and IP and is a rather large problem “if” you have plans to distribute your game as a commercial product.

The best plan for us at the moment is to just wait and see what the Market place will have to offer and what I expect is a single fair use license to be applied to all products designed to be used to make games using the Unreal 4 engine that is game ready.

yeah waiting to see what hits the market place, and i’m fine with paying for assets if needed, but tend to not be able to find any that are really UE4 ready, and even outsourcing tends to be low luck on PBR aspect. So have to dig here for artists to try and work with.
Was hoping a few artists were already putting things together and I’m sure there are a bunch but they are holding out for market place to really launch.
Oh well will keep building my own and working with the few artist that really get PBR etc. And hope the marketplace gets fully going really soon.

You should find artists at Polycount. But yea things will pick with marketplace, just look at unity.