place object at center of scene


Surely this must be possible. When I am placing objects that have already been positioned in another program they just need to in my scene at 0,0,0. How can I place an actor at 0,0,0 (origin) instead of placing the actor in the scene they having to 0 the different axes.


You would have to import the item as it’s own element with its pivot point at 0,0,0.

You could also edit the pivot point in unreal, but its complicated, and the item position won’t be 0,0,0, itll be the negative numbers required to move it from wherever it was imported to 0,0,0…

I mean you can drag and drop an item in the scene, but you have to place it somewhere. Can’t you just like right click and hit import or hit a hot key while dragging the object in the scene to place at origin?

Sorry to bring and old topic from the dead, but after extensive searching I seem to have exactly the same problem. When drag’n’drop’ing and imported object into the viewport I get the sort of an expected action (snappping it to surfaces).

But it’s supposed to be imported at 0,0,0 origin. I hate to drop it anywhere, then edit the location to 0,0,0.

Is there a way to simply drop it at that point?