Place Multiple Actors in Scene with Animations Triggered by Overlap

Hey guys,

I’ve been a couple of hours trying to figure this out and trying to find info about it but I can’t find any. Maybe I am not searching using the right words.

So I have a blueprint that contains a skeletal mesh that runs an animation on overlap. I tried using some montages but for some reason it doesn’t work as it should when returning to each of the animation states. Using an AnimBP works perfectly but if I place more than one copy of this BP in the scene they all get triggered when overlapping any of them. They use the same AnimBP so I guess it is to be expected but how would I make it so each copy reacts independent from each other even having the same AnimBp. Any other method I should be using instead of doing that?

Pls share your code.

What do you need exactly? The system is pretty simple. It’s just an actor blueprint that holds a skeletal mesh which only runs an animation on overlapped by the character. The animation BP works fine the only problem I have is that having more than 1 copy of that actor in the scene makes it so once one of them is triggered the rest run the exact same animation. So just to be clear a single actor in the scene works 100% fine. Is just that duplicates all run the animation if either of them does.

I had 2 different systems in place that only change how the animation runs. One has a state machine and the other one is just a couple of montages either when being overlap or end overlap. So in your opinion what would be the best way. The problem with the montages is that all actors in the scene have different overlapping states but somehow they conflict with each other. Would this method when done right be better than using a state machine instead?

Here are the other 2 as it only allows me to upload 5 at a time.

So there are 2 variants. One contains a simple state machine that flip flops based on a boolean state sent by this actor. The other one runs the animations montages as seen connected and framed in blue. These are only connected if I switch the type of state machine I am using. For the Montages I only have 2 idle pose states for overlapped or not overlapped. So if no montage is running it should go back to either of these 2 states.

Both approaches have the same issue. When having more than one actor the copies have issues. For the pure state machine switching animations they all run the same animation and the montages approach have an issue where only the first one does it properly while the rest get confused I guess based on the first one state or something.

What was the point in asking to share the code?