Place actors that attach to other actors and simulate physics as a single object

I’m super new to UE4. I’m making a block-based building game (I know, I know) in which I want to place actors (blocks) that can “attach” to another actor(block), and then simulate physics as a single object - become one object, rather than say, garys mod welding, which I definitely don’t want.

Im looking for pointers rather than specific code - to be honest I have no idea where to start with this. My plan is to create some kind of a blueprint that can be hold multiple blocks, but even this I’m not sure how to go about. About all I have working currently is spawning actors in during run time

I’ve tried using attachActorToActor, and various similar blueprints. Not only did they not work, but googling suggests they make the actors a child of other actors, and can only attach to one actor at a time, which would be a problem for me.