Place able items like Rust

I would like to know if there are any ways to make place able items like in the game Rust?
Like walls, doors, fire pits, etc; that snap into there correct place, like pillars on the corners of a platform.

Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

Hi Mate

you could use a Decal to do this. Or you could have it Present in you on you Static Mesh.


I spent about 3 or 4 months working on a building system like that and ended up with something that worked fairly well, but It’s not a simple task to get everything working correctly and snapping into the right places, at least it wasn’t for me. As with anything, there are many ways to do something like this, but in a nutshell my system boiled down to 3 things;

  1. A “brush” blueprint that spawns the building component (door, wall, etc). This follows a trace from the camera so you can position the component where you want it. (I applied a semi translucent material to this so it looks like an outline of the object).

  2. The actual building structure.blueprint. Once the player decides to place down the component, it gets the location from the “brush” and spawns that mesh as a static mesh component inside the building structure blueprint.

  3. The snapping. Inside the building structure blueprint, whenever a component was created, trigger boxes (or “sockets” if you will) were automatically created around that component. These trigger boxes used custom trace channels depending on what they were (wall, door, etc). Whenever the player moved the “brush” trace over these boxes, it set the “brush” location to match the location of these trigger boxes, essentially making them snap to it.

While my system was a little more complex, the fundamentals of it are very similar to this system:

which you can find on the marketplace and use as reference.

Sorry if all that sounds a bit convoluted, Hope it helps.

Alright thanks, i think i get it.
However i wont be able to do it now because i cant do anything that complicated in BP, and especially not C++

Any idea how I can network this type of building system correctly? I have it working when everyone is in the game together. How would I make it support Late Join?