[PixelStreamingInputComponent] Can't use EmitUIInteraction after map loading

Hi !

I encountered a potential bug with the pixel streaming input component, I wanted to use it to receive command from the player.htm page and added on it code to change the resolution of the app, it’s working when the application is launched but from the moment that the playercontroller is destroyed and respawned (for example when we load a new map), the component seems to no more exist, I’ve tried to add it on begin play and debug says the component is valid, but clicking on button from the player.htm page have no effect on the application, does someone have encountered the same problem and have a resolution ?

Thanks !

Hello, I have something similar, when loading the map in a client trough a server, pixelstreaming is not working anymore… I tried many different approaches, but it doesn´t work in that way… don´t know why.