Pixelstreaming (WebRTC) problems with some Android devices

Hi guys,

We have a really annoying bug on Android with pixelstreaming/WebRTC. Our pixelstreaming stuff is running on AWS and most devices work perfect.

The devices that don’t work are most of the Android devices. For example;

Devices that work; Samsung Galaxy A70 (Android 10) and a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (Android 5.0.2), all Apple devices
Devices that don’t work; Huawei Mate 20 Pro (Android 10) and a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

We also tested on different browsers, but that doesn’t matter.

We extracted the logging from the AWS machine and attached it to the post. Basically the error is;

Streamer: {“type”:“disconnectPlayer”,“playerId”:101,“reason”:“Failed to set remote offer sdp: Failed to set remote video description send parameters.”}

Really hope you guys can help us out quick!

Big thanks in advance,

Greetings Arne

It’s said that to surport mobile device, a TURN server is needed. Mobile device like Android phone they refuse the WebRTC protocal connection.

We use a TURN server and some Android devices do work perfectly. So it’s really something deeper I guess…