PixelStreaming on Docker on Linux hardware

Hi all

i’m tryng to start a project for to remote render some scenes.
Starting from a win10 workstation (with an Rtx 2080) where i have the Editor,
export for win64 and than start all components:

  • mach server
  • nodejs
  • Stun and Turn Server for to play on other Telco network
  • Project rendered offscreen

All ok, i can interact very well and i can start a second project (nodejs+scene),
setup ports and i can play 2 projects with 2 user on external PC with Chrome. Super Nice

Now i want to try to export for Linux (i don’t need Editor, only packaged projects) with some Tesla T4
and do the same in a docker/kubernetes environment, but it’s not totally clear for me
wich version of Exported projects (4.23-4.24-4.25) with pixel stream enabled can
really be fully functional on adamrehn/ue4-runtime:18.04-vulkan
pixel stream is ok only on 4.23?

Alessandro Rei