PixelStreaming: controlling camera via device rotation

As the title states, I’m going through the PixelStreaming demo and am trying to control the camera using the rotation of the device. My current approach is to use javascript and the device’s accelerometer in order to send back the beta and gamma values (via the emitUIInteraction function) but I am having some trouble with the blueprint design. I am looking for some guidance in how to handle said values (or if there is a better overall approach to what I am trying to do) as some of the tutorials I’ve found online seem to be a bit out of date. Here is my current blueprint below and where it stands.

For reference, I was following a tutorial I found here:
But I’ve found a few discrepancies such as the GetActorRotation component doesn’t seem to have Return Value X, Return Value Y, or Return Value Z.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.