[PixelStreaming][ComputeEngine] Can't access to unreal instance from web

Hi everyone,

I managed to install unreal on a google cloud compute engine and wanted to work with pixel streaming on it, I already made the integration with aws and it’s working well but my company want to go on google cloud, so i made the same kind of install and I can launch unreal or the packaged app, I then launch matchmaker, no problem, signallingwebserver with correct (I guess) configuration (at least, the http port, proxy port and ippublic are ok), and then webrtc, no error, I then connect to the ip with the port for matchmaker and it say that no cirrus server is available, so I try to go on the port that have been set to launch the unreal instance and it’s connecting to cirrus/signallingwebserver but the web page stay blocked at “Starting connection to server, please wait” and the rtc is saying this :
[2019.04.19-14.31.20:324]: LOG: LogDefault : FClientSession::OnIceConnectionChange : ClientId=101, NewState=kIceConnectionFailed

I wanted to use turn server like on aws but the script fail to launch, any idea to resolve this ? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance !

Solution :

Well I found my answer, instead of using the simple run.bat of the signalling webserver, i modified the runAWSwithTurn.ps1 to fix my public IP instead of letting him ask through a service that it can’t reach (probably because not on amazon serv ?), so I used this instead of run.bat and now it’s working well ! :slight_smile:

Hi, Kili
Thanks you more information about setup pixel streaming on cloud, would you like share your experience?