PixelStreamerInputComponent not present on Client's Pawn/Controller

I am using standard client/server with Pixel Streaming. In the players’s character, I have set up the functionality to listen to Events sent from HTML page, as shown here

Everything works fine on the server - I send events and catch them in the Character.
But on the Client, it seems there is no “PixelStreamerInputComponent” added to the Client’s character controller. Only on the server. But I need each Client to have their own client-sided commands (for example, set resolution).

This returns NULL on Client

Any ideas how to get PixelStreamerInputComponent working on Client’s Character Controller?

I have a similar problem… If I package the project (even a new clean one) as client / server loading making the client to load the map from the server I couldn´t make the pixelstreaming communication to work. If I make the client to load from start the same map, so it doesn´t use the server, everything work fine again.

I tried setting it up like you, and placing a pixelstreaminginput component to the blueprint… then I drop it off from the player character and set it up in a separate actor BP that is only in the map I want, same issues (works when the client loads the map directly, but NOT through the server) . I tried saving the component into the game instance, connected the pixelstreaming logic only to owning client, etc, etc all type of tests, but is always the same thing… with a server is not working… don´t know why…

I’ve got the same problem, has anyone found a solution?

Hello! I created this blueprint function for get PixelStreamerInputComponent and all works good for me.