PixelStreamer auto disconnect

After the project deploys the pixel stream, if it is accessed through the Internet for a period of time without any operation, it will be automatically disconnected

There are several errors in the log:

PixelStreamingWebRTC: ( asyncudpsocket.cc:119 ): AsyncUDPSocket[172.16.0.x:63357] receive failed with error 10054

It’s all this error. The number is 10054

And then there’s another one

Received TURN allocate error response, id=6f564346796e716d2b6a7171, code=401, rtt=5

This kind of error, received turn allocate error response, ID is not the same, but the code is 401, RTT is 5

The final error is:

Runnable thread PixelStreamer WebRTC signalling thread crashed.

Does anyone know what caused it, and hope to get the answer.