PixelStream FreezeFrame hangs

Our application is setup using PixelStream along with freezing the frame once the camera stops moving. This works well, and I can monitor that freezeframe does in fact work by looking at the GPU usage “Video Encode”.

Once freezeframe kicks in video encode drops to 0%. Once the camera starts moving again ( by input from user ), unfreeze frame is called and i can see that GPU usage of “Video Encode” is back to normal, meaning its encoding frames again. Just as it should.

Every now and then, unfreezing PixelStream doesn’t work. Basically what happens, I can monitor the executable, and it’s still responding to input from the user, meaning the user can still move the camera in the webbrowser and I can see it updating the executable. However, the video is no longer being sent, and the video encode on GPU monitor is at 0%.

Is there a known issue with this? I can not find any documentation, or relevant issue anywhere.

Any input is appreciated, thank you.