Pixels for Glory WIP

In 2010, after playing around with and seeing the voxel builder in 3D Dot Game Heroes, I wanted to recreate something similar on PC where users could create assets, create characters and worlds with these assets, and share all of this with friends. In addition, I wanted friends to be able to play with friends in these worlds. Around this time, my co-workers and girlfriend introduced me to Minecraft and my doubts about whether this would be possible to pull off melted away.

I started working in Unity3D developed ways to render out voxel assets and generate maps, but I was never satisfied with my work and my goal of making a networked game was hard to achieve.

Beginning in April 2014, the Unreal Engine was released to the indie community and, after looking at procedural mesh generation and networking, I converted the core pieces of my code base to c++ and started over.

The last 3 months have been an awesome experience working in this new system and I want to start documenting my progress as I build up the tools/game I am working on.

Here is my progress up until now:

Between now and my next update I want to accomplish the following:

  1. Create a simple menu and dialog UI that allows users to select different map block types
  2. The ability to add and remove blocks from the map

I’ll try to keep this WIP thread active with my progress, but I’m also blogging about it at

is there any update on this?

I’m still hacking away at it.

Are there any plans on releasing the code? I would love to get access to it and start tinkering around with it, as what I need isn’t all that complicated. (basically I want to go for the voxely art style combined with destructable terrain).

The code of what I posted is definitely not ready for consumption, but I might be able to share the basic volume.

PM me and maybe we can figure something out.

How is the performance?

Seems to work well in the PIE (chunk loading doesn’t slow it down that much). I haven’t tried shipping it yet because runtime physics cooking isn’t in a tagged release yet.