Pixelated textures on mobile


I have an issue with textures on iOS and some android phones. Almost all textures are pixelated on iPhone 7 Plus and on a mid-performance android phones.

Img.1: iPhone 7 Plus (ISSUE)

Img.2: Galaxy S7 (CORRECT)

As you can see on the img 1 the texture on the leaves is blurred but fine and not pixelated. But asphalt, grass and squared bushes and almost everything else are pixelated. On the img 2 everything looks fine.

Maybe there is some issue with materials or with size of the meshes or with filtering. I had checked textures settings and they are almost the same for the leaves and for the asphalt for example/

Maybe something wrong with calculating mip level based on the size of a mesh. For example, the road is a one big mesh in this scene:

But when I placed a small mesh and set it the same asphalt material which I used for the road - it rendered smooth (it is blurry because of UV):

Any suggestions?

Tested on iPhone 7 Plus and on a bunch of Android devices: Galaxy S7 and a couple of mid-performance phones.
UE 4.16 preview 2

I’ve faced this problem some time ago. Here is my own report.

I think it appears when you use tiling in materials with customized UVs, and meshes with UVs larger than 0-1UV space. In my ■■■■■■ (well, it was 2 android phones and android tablet) this wasn’t reproduced for meshes and materials that not using any tiling at all.

And Im not sure which one is the root cause of this problem - hardware, drivers, engine code, or something else.

Thank you for the reply. I think it’s definitely a bug. I’ll try to figure it out whether it’s because normal’s tiling or not.

Hi, I have recently encountered this issue developing for iPad pro, UE4.22.

Enabling “Use Full Precision” inside the material details panel solved a degrading (pixelated) repeating texture issue on the ipad.

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Enabling “Use Full Precision” inside the material details panel helped me too! Thank you so much for your comment!

This helped me tremendously. I was stuck for days!
I have a very large terrain mesh and everything looked good in the editor preview and in VR Preview. But when I clicked Launch in VR for my Oculus Quest 2 (i.e. standalone VR build) my texture looked highly pixelated and nothing I tried worked (e.g. UV tiling, texture coordinate remapping, etc.) - it always looked like an ugly mess as if I had low resolution texture. But your “Use Full Precision” solution worked for me. Now my build looks so much better!