Pixel Streaming without Internet

Hi guys,

is it possible to configure the PixelStreaming to work on a local network without the need to be connected to the Internet?
What steps are needed?
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It’s now working with the standalone STUN and TURN servers until “WebRTC connected” and then the FVideoEncoder is not starting up. Any ideas?

Thank you!

Hello Boris,
to reply the first message you need to
One time install of node.js Download | Node.js
start the web RTC Proxy server: “Start_WebRTCProxy.bat” in Engine\Source\Programs\PixelStreaming\WebRTCProxy\bin
start the signalling web server: “run.bat” in Engine\Source\Programs\PixelStreaming\WebServers\SignallingWebServer

Some people have error message about **Failed to initialize NvEncoder **when using 4k resolution. You can increase the capabilities of encoder by using this parameter -NvEncH264ConfigLevel=NV_ENC_LEVEL_H264_52 when starting your UE application. cf. this documentation Unreal Engine Pixel Streaming Reference | Unreal Engine 5.1 Documentation

Other information can be found at this address

If you’re working on a local network you probably don’t need the STUN and TURN servers at all. I’ve had it working that way before.

Although we evangelized this to many Japanese telecommunications firms at the time, it fell on deaf ears and as a result we never commercialized it as a product. With hindsight, this was a silver lining because we did not appreciate.