Pixel Streaming while PIE


I would like to modify Pixel Streaming plugin to can use it while PIE session. I am just on begin of work. I copied Pixel Streaming code to can modify and when I tried to build it I get multiple LNK2019 errors about some unresolved symbols from WebRTC lib.

This one is just example:

Error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol "public: __thiscall vrpn_Tracker_OSVRHackerDevKit::vrpn_Tracker_OSVRHackerDevKit(char const *,class vrpn_Connection *)" (??0vrpn_Tracker_OSVRHackerDevKit@@QAE@PBDPAVvrpn_Connection@@@Z) referenced in function __catch$?setup_Mouse@vrpn_Generic_Server_Object@@IAEHAAPADPADPAU_iobuf@@@Z$0

I have my first milestone in made PixelStreaming while “PIE”.

What I have done:

  1. Copied PixelStreaming plugin directory from …\Engine…Plugins\Media\ to MyProjectDir\Plugins\
  2. Change all viarables describing paths in PixelStreaming.Build.cs from relative to absolute



  1. Add "OpenSSL*"* module in “PrivateDependencyModuleNames”
  2. Delete

namespace UnrealBuildTool.Rules{

and delete last “}” in PixelStreaming.Build.cs
5. Comment all

if (GIsEditor)

statement and


statement in previous


in PixelStreamingModule.cpp in

void FPixelStreamingModule::InitStreamer()


When I go to in my browser (after running server and build and run my project in *DebugGame Editor mode) *I saw editor view and after clicking I had got error “PixelStreaming is not supported in editor, and should have been disabled earlier”

It is all what I have done to now. I will work more on it.

This is very interesting, i am trying something similar, i wrote you a private message, maybe we can work together on it.

which version of ue4 u using?