Pixel Streaming Web Server Possibly Contains Malicious Code

The Cirrus Web Server is behind the Signalling server that is used for Pixel Streaming and provided with Unreal Engine.

The Cirrus Web Server package was recently removed from the registry because it contained malicious code as seen here.

I’m looking to know what the impact of this is on any Pixel Streaming deployments. Is Pixel Streaming safe to use or could this malicious code compromise the use of it? Thanks!

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No news about that? … I checked the 4.27 preview 1, to see if they are using a newer version for webrtc and the signalling server, but it was the same. I hope in the 4.27 final version they change it.


Has anyone gotten a response from the pixelstreaming devs? It’d be unacceptable for this to go unnoticed for four months with an official plugin.