Pixel Streaming video resolution in UE5

Migrating to UE5 we’re hitting a bit of a wall:

It seems no longer possible to change Video Resolution when using pixel streaming.

In UE4.26 it was all easy, while in UE4.27 you needed to enable it with:

PixelStreaming.WebRTC.DisableResolutionChange false
PixelStreaming.Capturer.UseBackBufferSize false
PixelStreaming.Capturer.CaptureSize *target resolution*

But these commands have been removed from the engine entirely!

Is anyone else having the same issue? Any workaround for this, I’d be very happy to hear about it!

#pixelstreaming #UE5-0

Oh, and the documentation has not been updated from UE4.27.2:

outdated documentation

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You might want to add the tag “pixelstreaming”

@trqan97 I tried, but it’s not recognized as a tag…


These’s a comment in app.js that says:

// A build-in command can be sent to UE4 client. The commands are defined by a
// JSON descriptor and will be executed automatically.
// The currently supported commands are:
// 1. A command to run any console command:
//    "{ ConsoleCommand: <string> }"
// 2. A command to change the resolution to the given width and height.
//    "{ Resolution.Width: <value>, Resolution.Height: <value> } }"

Now, if you don’t know Javascript, you might need some help (like I did) to correctly use the syntax to change resolution like this:

function emitVideoStreamSize(myHeight, myWidth) {
	emitCommand({ Resolution: { Width : myWidth, Height : myHeight } });

But alas… This way of changing the resolution has the same effect as ‘SetRes’ in the console - in other words it doesn’t solve anything.

Please see also this forum post for further discussion on the topic.

Hey guys!

I’ve mentioned this on the linked forum post above, but for brevity I’d like respond here as well.

So the lack of stream resolution changing in Pixel Streaming in UE 5.0 - 5.0.3 is a known regression. With the changes needed to fix the issue, it couldn’t quite make it into the hot-fix release, much to our chagrin.

Good news however, is that it is already fixed in the ue5-main branch on Github!

Sorry for the inconvenience, but know that we’re aware and tackling these issues.