Pixel Streaming: Touch Input difference Pure vs. HTML

So we’re experimenting with Pixel Streaming to mobile devices, there’s a strange difference that I’m seeing between two different ‘modes’: When using the example project “PixelStreamingDemo” and setting up / navigating to the “http://mywebpage/pixeldemo.htm” page, things work fine (in Chrome), but when going to “http://mywebpage/” (so skipping the html and getting ‘full screen streaming’), the touch input no longer works.

However, when enabling “always use touch interface” in Engine->Input, the touch interface does work (the DefaultVirtualJoysticks, that only responds to the joystick input).

What is going on in the background here? It seems we have two independent ways of sending *touch input *to UE4, and we enable one vs. the other depending on how we access the streaming content?


Free server open for anyone like to connet and show your UE4 project., easily just setup Parameters from

Unreal Editor, Under the Level Editor > Play category, find the Additional Launch Parameters setting, and set its value to -AudioMixer -PixelStreamingIP= -PixelStreamingPort=8889.

More detail please check step how to connect free server

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