Pixel streaming stop working 4.26.2

Hello everyone, I am trying to setup pixel streaming at home, I have followed Unreal’s docs and also some Youtube. I thought I had everything working last night but today I am receiving an error from the web server.
“found 1 moderate severity vulnerability
run npm audit fix to fix them, or npm audit for details”
This didn’t show last night, when I try to run the audit command it tells me I need to install some component from node, but it doesn’t says what or where to find it.
I have checked my IP address, my router the spelling on the setup everything seems to be correct. I haven changed anything from last night. I though my IP address changed, but when I checked it is the same.

When I try to login it shows the click here to connect page, but then is display the streaming not running error.
This doesn’t work either on my intranet.
Your help is appreciated.

OK I little update for someone else if has this problem.
My problem is I am not a programmer but I remember from my school days that sometimes you need to run your command from the location where the app is installed, in this case I was trying to run the ‘npm audit’ from my root drive, when I need it to run it from the Unreal game folder., the same folder where the web server is.

I still can’t make the pixel streaming works, but at least the json error is gone now.
keep digging on this.

dont know if im too late to reply to you but i notice also the same thing, and i can confirm that its not working in 4.26.2, but i have one good news for you, if you move your project to 4.27 you wont have those problems, only thing is am getting a constant crash when i try to connect with mobile devices, android/ios doesnt matter the moment the app starts if you touch the screen the UE server crashes

Hi, Thank you for the reply @petkovic.
I did move the project to 4.27 and the streamer is working now, thank you.
I haven’t had the crashes that you mention.
My issue is the security that my company has on the machines, so to me to make it work I have to run the streamer ‘Start_WithTURN_SignallingServer’ with powershell. (right click on this script and choose run with power shell) this will install all Json scrip temporarily.
It takes a little longer to fire up the server but once is running it works fine for me.

Now I am trying to deal with the interface to work with touch devices such Ipad and android phones, the button works but not the blueprints or rotating cameras. do you have any information about it?
THank you.

Hi fco3d, i have to update myself, i was able to make the mobile web work, well i dont know about the blurprints, but the normal mobile/joystick controls are working fine i can move all over the level

i must say that worked with no problem just in the project settings INPUT check the Always Show Touch Interface, and see will that works on your side…

good luck

Well, the input that I need is more than the Unreal default. But now that you mentioned maybe I can check the blueprint of the default and see if I can use it in another way.