Pixel Streaming + SSO

Hi all…

We have a pixel streaming environment. We are using match makers with signaling servers to locate an available application server for the user.

Our servers are all running on Azure virtual machines. Right now, when someone connects, the pixel streaming log only knows how to log “User 1”, “User 2”, etc…

However, we have a business need where we can use SSO. We need to be able to tie a specific user to a machine so that when the UE app loads, we can load up user preference type data. As well as do some basic application usage reporting. User connects, we take the users corporate ID and store it with a date and time, when the user logs out, we store the user corporate ID and store when they logged out.

Does any of the existing pixel streaming logic/functionality have any server hooks that can access SSO data?

Thank you so much for any help!