Pixel Streaming - Only works on local network. External users fail

I’ve been trying to test out the new Pixel Streaming plugin.
I was impressed to find it working well fairly painlessly with other machines and phones able to connect and control the streamed application however once we forwarded the network ports for remote online connections we have encountered a problem.

The remote connections can connect to the web server, and are served the html page with the “Click to Start” message. But once the user presses that it goes to "Please wait… " then back to the starting page, the stream play button never appears.

Some red error text appears in the server dialog box each time this is attempted, it says

Search results on this error message seem to relate generally to h.264 streaming with nothing specific to UE4 yet and not a lot of applicable solutions.
I hope for a solution to this soon.
Thanks for reading

Hi @CaptParis000

I think our 3d streaming platform Furioos may help you.
Feel free to visit our website ( and let me know if it helps.

In short, Furioos allows you to stream your 3D applications (like your Unreal Engine applications) and share them as easily as a video on Youtube.
We take care of the creation of virtual machines, the storage of your applications, as well as their scalability.
You only have a few clicks to give anyone access to your Unreal Engine applications.
No GPUs are required, because the calculation of the 3D application is done in our servers!
You will find a short video tutorial here:

The beta is free, feel free to test it.
One more thing: we now support the fantastic Pixel Streaming on Furioos :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

The Furioos team

can you tell me how to resolve it ,thank you