Pixel streaming on mobile phone / tablet not possible via 4G/LTE

Hey guys, I’ve found this great tutorial:
and got my own pixel streaming server up and running (both locally and on AWS). But the problem is: Whenever I try to connect via LTE/4G it doesn’t run.
Message on Cirrus: 11:08:05.923 <- player 101: iceCandidate (+lot of blue text)
Message on phone: Starting connection to server, please wait (that’s all) and it’s disconnecting after a while.

The LTE speed is awesome in my region. About 150 mbps upload and 30 mbps download.

Any help would be great!

I have the same problem. For me it works via desktop and also when I’m in the same network (wifi). As soon as I switch off wifi and use 4g / lte, I also get these messages.
Have you already found a way to solve it?
Would be very happy if there is a solution.
best regards
PA :slight_smile: