Pixel streaming not working on apple touch devices..

I just finished a test with pixel streaming and it works perfectly on all android devices I tested, using chrome. On a windows pc, and on a mac, it also works with no problem (using chrome too).
I tested on Microsoft Surface, using Edge, iphone and ipad using chrome or safari… it does not work.

I decided to put a print string, on the touch command. Now, I get the string printed on the screen as soon as the user touches the iphone or ipad screen, but nothing happens other than this. Buttons doesnt work, and also the interaction with the camera does not work. I tried using different apple devices and with different connections, and it really seems to be a problem with my blueprints or with apple devices in general.

What I could be doing wrong here? Is there an specific node I need to use in order to work with apple devices? Since its a streaming I tought it would work everywhere, but thats not whats happening.

Yup , I create a pixel streaming project on UE4.27 using the ArchVizexplorer as template and the same experience. Everything works except on apple device, the buttons on click works but the touch input like swipe and pinch zoom not working. Need help on this issue.