Pixel Streaming - Network Setup Ue5

Hello everyone,

I made a project and I would like to present it to the client, I made a server with a computer from the office and locally if I am connected to the internet in the office, I can view the project with other computers or even with my phone, but unfortunately I can’t see the project with other internet network or outside the office,

I changed the ip from dynamic to static and opened ports 80 and 8888, it still rejects me and does not connect with the ip,

I tried to modify Start_SignallingServer and Start_WithTURN_SignallingServer with the following tutorials, but I worked with Unreal 5.1 and they are no longer the same,

  1. SETUP PIXEL STREAMING ON AWS SERVER: Stream your app from an AWS EC2 GPU cloud instance - YouTube
  2. 2. Pixel Streaming - Network Setup - YouTube

Can you help me please?

Thank you!