Pixel Streaming [Multiple User]

I have a question about pixel streaming using UE5 and EOS plugins.
I have successfully displayed my project using a browser and AWS EC2 As server and
But the result is that some devices can only control 1 player.
The question:
How do I get 1 device to control 1 player. and meet in the same place.
I expect a response and an answer from all of you guys.

Best Regard

  • Kambing

The general idea is that you need to build your own web frontend that can track user sessions, and each session you need to spin up an instance of UE game


Thank you for the reply
I’ve succes to build multiple Users.
now, can i make voice chat in pixel streaming?

Okay I’m not entirely sure about voice, maybe someone else can chime in. The Pixel Streaming plugin seems to support mic input, but I have no idea if it actually works or not. If it does work then you can manipulate the input within your UE game. Otherwise it is possible to just hook a separate voice chat server to your web frontend, but it will be a bit complicated if you want the voice controls to be in-game vs on the web interface.