Pixel Streaming - Mobile Portrait Mode

Hello -

Does anyone have any experience with publishing a project for pixel streaming in Portrait mode?

I’m looking to build an HTML interface over a stream, and for viewing on mobile portrait mode, the stream would ideally be experienced full screen to take advantage of the screen real estate.

Any advice is much appreciated.



I also want to use Pixel Streaming to stream my Unreal app and view it on the phone. But how do I make it appear correctly in Portrait Mode?

I look forward to your positive reply.


Hello @Swelllog and @devDavidL,

This was a really old thread, however, it seems that the solution is still not clear.

While using pixel streaming, you have to configure your application to make it adjustable for any kind of screen resolution to make it responsible. Then, when you set up your pixel streaming flow, you have to adjust the client-side screen resolution by detecting the window size, and let your client-side application fill all window resolutions.

However, if you don’t want to deal with the integration and configuration process you can use Vagon Streams to stream your application in both mobile and desktop viewports at the same time.

You will only need to configure your application to support different resolutions, upload your application, create a Stream link, and choose to match the user viewport from the Vagon dashboard. After that, when your users connect from a mobile window, the system will detect their viewport sizes, and run your application with the required resolution.

In addition to that, the system comes with built-in on-screen game controller support and other features to optimize the user experience as well.