Pixel Streaming - Microphone audio input from browser

Hi folks,

Has anyone had any success getting audio input into UE5 from a browser via pixel streaming?

So far I’ve tried using the PixelStreaming Audio component and then using the listen to node in blueprints. The listen to node returns “true” which leads me to believe that I have the “Player to Listen To” variable correct (and it’s coming directly from “Bind Event to On New Connection”).

Also I do start the client to be streamed via pixel streaming with the “-Audio Mixer” command line option.

Any responses would be very much appreciated! Also knowing that it doesn’t work at the moment would be useful as well!


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Hi @andrewl0,

I am having the same problem. Were you able to find the solution?
Also I’ve read that you probably need Https connection to be able to send your voice.


I’m still looking. So far no luck.

I’ve got a really hacky work around involving routing audio in from a UE5 iPhone client and using EOS to send audio to the PC clients, but it’s not ideal!

Has anyone got the mic work for 5.1?

I’m interested in this topic too … no solution so far.

To make it work, the browser URL should include ?useMic. You can get the clue by reading the node JS code. Since it uses webrtc, the browser requires https or you can try on the same machine with localhost on the URL. You will need to set the input of the game to a faked input line so that you know that the game itself is not picking up the voice. I can get the game to replay whatever I said into the microphone via the browser. However, my issue is that I need to capture the audio and send it to google STT without replaying it from the game.

Hi there,

Check out this thread for a step-by-step guide on how to enable the required component in UE and pass the microphone WebRTC from Pixel Streaming to UE.

Hope this helps!

Denis, many thanks. Super helpful, you are a star! :slight_smile:

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Denis, helpful, but the audio has-bad-quality