Pixel streaming - it will be no local?

Hi, I m testing pixel straming and work very well but only on local wifi. Is maybe any information about it will be work on normal internet or other solution ?

If by ‘normal internet’ you mean ‘How can anyone access it from outside my local network?’ the answer is that you will have to set up the proper ip / dns routing, and port forwarding on your router in order to open for external access.

epic already have provided code for aws server instance. and its working fine on aws server. so 1st set up it on aws server. when it will work there than look into the code and do same things for your own server.

but it is not going to be a easy task for novice about server configurations

Hey All,

Have any of you managed to do this via your own personal machine, please?

I’m trying but failing.

There’s a cost associated with both the cloud based services, Amazon Web Services and MS Azure Server, and to ramp up the graphics options are expensive.
The crux of it all, seems to be the better the graphics card, the better the final result. I have a semi decent NVIDIA and would like to use my own machine to provide the pixel streaming service.

Any help on setting up the correct server on a Win 10 Pro OS would be very much appreciated, thank you.

Such a cool feature, hats off to EPIC =]

One solution is to use a STUN and TURN servers, as described here:

Another one is to use a VPN server on your PC and have clients connect to that VPN.

I tired both solutions on a cloud GPU machine hosted by Paperspace (the P6000 machine supports it) which has affordable prices billed by the hour. Both solutions worked.

For VPN I used a free solution OpenVPN (free community version).

For STUN solution I hosted my own STUN server (the implementation proposed by PixelStreaming docs), but it should work with some of the public STUN servers too.

I supose both soluton could be setup on your local machine too, let me know if you need help in setting it up.

Another potential (and free) solution would be the localtunnel npm package. Even though I was able to connect to the pixelstreaming server and see the dashboard, clicking on “Click to start” doesn’t do anything.

was u able to expose it to net via local tunnel?

localtunnel just hides your port. it does not expose your video stream to net

Yes I was. The only thing you need to expose to the web is the address to the server. Localtunnel doesn’t hide my port. It literally says on their website:

localtunnel exposes your localhost to the world for easy testing and sharing! No need to mess with DNS or deploy just to have others test out your changes. Great for working with browser testing tools like browserling or external api callback services like twilio which require a public url for callbacks.

I managed to access the website itself remotely, but clicking on the Start button didn’t do anything.

See this short video showcasing exactly that.

I followed this guide and managed to set things up just by opening up a port. But I get a weird assertionError…

The guide: https://www.seagullcompany.com/blog/how-to-stream-with-unreal-pixel-streaming-engine/

The error message:
Assertion failed: PeerConnection
[File:D:/Build/++UE4+Licensee/Sync/Engine/Plugins/Media/PixelStreaming/Source/PixelStreaming/Private/Streamer.cpp] [Line: 226]

Section of source-code on this:

225: rtc::scoped_refptrwebrtc::PeerConnectionInterface PeerConnection = PeerConnectionFactory->CreatePeerConnection(PeerConnectionConfig, webrtc::PeerConnectionDependencies{ Session.Get() });
226: check(PeerConnection);
227: Session->SetPeerConnection(PeerConnection);
228: Players.Add(PlayerId) = MoveTemp(Session);
229: }

u uisng localhost without port number adding at the end of it. when u dont specify post by deafult it mean :

and local tunnel hide that 80 port by assigning it to a public ip only for http protocol based stuffs.

that click button hosted in ahttp server written in cirrus.js of signaling server.

but the webrtc video that also produced by cirrus.js using webrtc prtotocl . not https.

hence the play button works only. but not the video.

to make video working u need a turn server hosted somewhere but definatly not in local host which is connected to a router