Pixel Streaming for a Web Showcase

So im looking to create something like the experience in the below provided link

The above experience in made using threeJS,

I was wondering if i could use pixel streaming for a similar experience where users can come and view the house as a separate entity, if i can
what would be the probably running costs like in comparison to creating the same project using a WebGL deployment. Would it way more intensive to deploy the following using pixel streaming ?
Also was wondering how viable it is to use pixel streaming for about a 100 simultaneous active users which individual control


Hi @3piczzor

I think our 3d streaming platform Furioos may help you.
Feel free to visit our website ( and let me know if it helps.

In short, Furioos allows you to stream your 3D applications (like your Unreal Engine applications) and share them as easily as a video on Youtube.
We take care of the creation of virtual machines, the storage of your applications, as well as their scalability.
You only have a few clicks to give anyone access to your Unreal Engine applications.
No GPUs are required, because the calculation of the 3D application is done in our servers!
You will find a short video tutorial here: Embed your Unreal Engine games on any website! (no GPU required) - YouTube

To answer your questions :

Indeed it costs more than a WebGL version of your app.
However, you don’t have to worry about your users’ GPU capabilities.
The application is calculated on our GPU servers and you are sure to offer photorealistic quality with your application (our servers are equipped with GPUs equivalent to Geforce 1070)

We also create as many virtual machines as necessary for your users. (100 simultaneous users are not a problem)
In addition, we automatically assign a virtual machine as close as possible to the user’s geographical location in order to have the best possible latency.

The beta is free, feel free to test it.
One more thing: we now support the fantastic Pixel Streaming on Furioos :slight_smile:

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information.

The Furioos team

Hey there,
Looks promising, will definitely give it a go ! Thanks

Sounds great, hope you will like it!

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you need help in using it.
We are updating Furioos to make it even easier to use.
Our next update -in the next few hours- will allow you to simply drag-and-drop a zip containing your app to upload it.
Fingers crossed, hope it works :slight_smile:


Please have a look at this youtube video:
It shows the basic function for an independent multi client application with the Pixel Streaming technology. There are shown 8x independent Nvenc streams which are started only on one GPU server. In the video description there is further information that also larger cloud infrastructures can be realized, which enables an automated scaling for simultaneous client requests.