Pixel Streaming: Device Orientation & touch screen detection

Pixel Streaming is getting along very nicely, both on Mobile and on regular browser, but we’re struggling with two issues:

  • **Device Orientation **data seems not to get through (“Get Player Controller -> Get Input Motion State” does not contain data, and mapping “Rotation Rate” in Input does not have any effect, as per <link>). Has anyone figured out a way to get this data out of the browser into the game? According to <this> the data should be available but it seems UE is not yet picking it up?

  • To show / hide joysticks and other interface elements, we tried to uncheck “Always Show Touch Interface” in the settings (“should the touch input interface be shown always, or only when the platform has a touch screen”), but also here, UE is not detecting the touch interface through pixel streaming. Did anyone solve how to show/hide the touch interface?