Pixel Streaming - console command not working


We have set up a remote server for pixel streaming with the default setup, STUN server and streaming through WebRTC protocol. It sort of works, we can see the scene, and controller works as intended. The problem is, resolution is way off, and we cannot adjust it. After a bit of digging, we found out that the console commands are just not working, even a very straight forward call to emitCommand({ConsoleCommand: "stat fps"}); results in no response from the server whatsoever.

So we started debugging in the browser. But this was as far as we could go, since dc.send was replaced, debugger has no way of knowing how to step into origDataChannelSend.Apply, which makes sense.

Up to this point, the RTCDataChannel object looks fine (to me), and I can see the json stringified and transformed to arraybuffer properly.

So what am I doing wrong? Please advise. If more information would be required, please let me know, I’ll do my best to provide it without making my boss go nuts.

Thank you!