Pixel Streaming : Best Workflow

Hi, I want to use Pixel streaming to showcase my Archviz demos on my website for users to play and interact with.

I need to be able to host multiple users at the same time interacting with the Architectural Walkthroughs.

I would need to use Cloud Servers. I looked into AWS. Does anyone know any good Cloud Servers I could use or what the best way to do this?

Any help would be great, thanks.

I managed to do this using AWS, but it’s super expensive (like $25/day). Have you had any luck figuring out an alternative?

I tried using Furioos, but alot of my clients complained about frame rate, so I don’t know. Maybe we have to wait until it’s more widespread and technology can catch up. I also got hold of a renderfarm in germany who could set up servers but that was way too pricey.

The “best way to do this” is to get your own bare metal server hosted with a proper company (think IBM).

it won’t be as expensive as $25 a day, but its surely around $250 a month or so. You’ll be limited by the GFX you place on the server, the software you choose for the server and so on.

the better option would be - if you had a t1 line anyway - to host your own server from a proper gaming computer with plenty of ram/processing power in order to handle multiple contemporaneous clients.
I believe you would need to virtualize in some way to provide access to more then 1 client, but not many VM software out there that can share gfx memory adequately so that may also be a challenge.

Why not just build specific visualization packages in Html5 mode? You’ll obviously have to dump out a lot of detail and build things properly like if it was a game to get any sort of decent performance on a web browser, but it isn’t impossible…