Pixel Stream AWS Server Mouse Hit Result Issue

Hey there,

So we have a build of our application on an AWS EC2 server and we’re using the pixel stream plugin. We have the AWS Windows server auto starting the Unreal app with a powershell script. We then connect with our chrome browser. Everything seems to be working except that the blueprint node “GetHitResultUnderCursorByChannel” returns no hit. The left mouse event does fire and the turn and lookup events work correctly but that hit result node never returns true. We tried checking and unchecking bTraceComplex with the same result.

The code works fine when running the app locally or running local pixel streaming. We’ve found that if we remote into the AWS Server afterward and restart the Unreal application everything works correctly and the hit results are then registered.

Is there any reason why auto starting the app would cause that node to function improperly? We are running the app with the -RenderOffScreen additional command line parameter. However, we’ve tried running it without that command and still get the same result.

Any thoughts on this would be great.

i think when starting windows without an actual user makes it so, that you dont have a true window.

This makes it so, that the actual touchable surface is mapped wrongly to the screen.

I can be wrong but i think some time ago we had the same issue and i think we could only solve it by (and as stupid as it sounds) loging into the windows machine with another account so windows thinks it is an actual person that needs a screen.

Or we are loging in with an account that has a hardware screen or has an emulated one, i am not sure. Thing was that windows goes to a default screen mode or something like that.

i hope this helps a little