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The pixel adventure tileset is the perfect tile set to make your own platformer game. It contains everything one needs including animated character and enemy sprites and an impressive collection of hand drawn tiles , from green hills to dark dungeons and everything in between. It also contains essential platforming objects like : static and moving platforms(!) , keys, gems, coins,spikes,potions,food,hearts and much much more!

It is 100% compatible with the Platformer Kit 2D , but can be used on it’s own without issues.The pack contains both the source files for the sprites and tiles plus all the extracted sprites , already converted into tilesets , flipbooks and actors.

The kit includes a demo level that showcases the beauty of the pack and all the varied levels that can be done using only it.

  • Over 400 16x16 tiles and objects.

  • Fully animated character with the following animations

  • Idle

  • Run

  • Hurt

  • Attack

  • Attack Reverse

  • Ranged attack

  • Jump

  • Fall

  • Block

  • Fully animated melee and ranged enemies with the following animations

  • Idle

  • Run

  • Attack

  • Fully animated objects

  • Fire (2 variations)

  • Bat

  • Explosion

  • Fireball

  • Chest

  • Sparkles

  • Coins

For the zero of you that seem to be interested in this , I have submitted my pack to Epic and waiting now for approval!
There is still more content I want to add , so feel free to use this thread for suggestions as well.

Hi, I am looking forward for Epic to approve this. It looks like a detailed well though out asset pack.

Pack is released an on the marketplace!

This pack is proving to be modestly popular , so for any one that purchased it , please any requests you might have , add them here and I will be happy to accommodate them.

Hi! just purchased this pack and it’s amazing!

Just a little problem I am having though. I would really love to use these assets in another project I am working on in Unity. Just wonder if I can be provided with the PNG files, thx!

Hey thanks for the kind words,
There should be a folder called source in the project that contains all the png files.It’s just not visible from the editor.

PS: If you liked it don’t forget to rate it since it helps me out a lot!

Update! Added castle interior tiles and props. Should be available soon!


Thanks for this, really nice for starters. I bought it instantly (good price for starters as well). Couple of questions:

1- I played a bit with collisions but wasn’t able to successfully make them work. Any advice?
2- Are attacks handeled or do I have to build the blueprints to make them work with enemies?