Pixel Perfect UI Scaling?

Hi, I’ve been fiddling with my HUD now and then, trying to nail down the style I’d like to fit with my aesthetic, and I’ve come to a current decision to work with something pixelated:

Now, this is just a mockup, although I’ve started implementing the bars but I’m not happy with how they look at different resolutions, as I either have to filter them which causes them to look blurry, or leave them sharp at nearest but suffer with the gross stray pixels as a result of non-pixel-perfect scaling.

Is there any way to implement a system that will cause the HUD elements to stay pixel-perfectly scaled depending on the resolution, and perhaps allow the player to choose between supported sizes for their resolution? I doubt I’ll stick to this style if I can’t ensure a 1x, 2x, 3x etc pixel ratio, which would be disappointing.