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Note: Content sold on Gumroad are an exact copy of the version on UE4 Marketplace.
Note: Each time an update is submitted to Epic to be manually added to the package it is also immediately added on Gumroad right away.

25% OFF only on Gumroad - $75

50% OFF only on Gumroad - $5




**Brrrrr! This purchase’ll give you one RAR that includes a set of five beautiful and treacherous snowy mountains that are 10K tris and include a unique diffuse/normal and material for each mountain.

These mountains are intended for use as meshes that you would set in the far off distance to give your game development projects a greater sense of scale. Place them in your far off horizon to help make your game world far vaster than it is. We’re shivering just looking at them! **

GRASS PACK VOL. 1! $12.99!

This foliage pack contains a variety of grass meshes and textures that can be used to form a variety of environments ranging from fields to a lakeside to a post apocalyptic environment. These grasses can put the final touches on an already finished environment, or they can be the primary focus in another. This pack is as versatile as it is of superb quality and make.


**So dry your gamers will get thirsty just lookin’ at it! This desert rock mesh is perfect for any desert environment you might be cooking up! **

Hey, just wanna say thanks for these! :slight_smile: Great content



OP updated. New deals available!
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Bushes and Shrubs package is now 25% OFF on Gumroad!

Landscape pack on Gumroad is updated. 2 New landscapes are added.

Important note:** Since we pay only 5% to Gumroad (as opposed to Marketplace where it’s 30%) it makes sense to drop the prices when selling packages on Gumroad so people who can’t afford it on MP, can still have a chance to get the same content from Gumroad but with lower price. So check it out!

The Advanced Grass Material is now released on Gumroad! [Purchase here]]([UE4] Advanced Grass Material)