Pixel Perfect Polygon's *PHASE 2* SALE starts on June 1st!

Hello dear fans, customers, friends and enemies. :cool:

The sale we announced earlier has ended and we are remarkably satisfied by the results as you are.

As we mentioned in the previous thread, we were looking forward to offer even more than that.
And Iā€™m glad to announce our second sale is even hotter and goes live on June 1st.
This time offering our high end products with up to 50% OFF, only for a limited time.

Affordable Landscapes 1 -
Affordable Landscapes 2 -
Wasteland Rocks -
Military Base -
Industrial Props -
Medieval Weapons -

As always, proud to have your support,
Big thanks from Pixel Perfect Polygons.

Sale is LIVE!
Happy shopping! :slight_smile:

Little more time left before the sale ends! :slight_smile: