Pixel Perfect Polygons Looking to Collaborate With 3D Artist to Develop Marketplace Content!

Hello, everyone!

We are Pixel Perfect Polygons and we’re looking to collaborate with a 3D Artist to develop Marketplace content. Thus far we have released our Grass Pack on the marketplace and will soon be releasing our Infinite Bushes and Shrubs pack in the next few weeks. We also have Landscapes, Debris, and Knives packs in development. You can see examples of our work below.

We’re looking for a quick-working and talented 3D artist to contribute to a few packs we haven’t announced publicly yet. You would create the meshes and we would texture them. Any earnings from the Marketplace would be split between ourselves. You can send a private message if you’re interested or you can e-mail me at: We’ll be waiting to hear from you.

Pixel Perfect Polygons

Infinite Bushes & Shrubs

Affordable Landscapes

Debris Pack

Hello CheapModeler,

I would be interested in collaboration. I develop BP Editor Applications that assemble and customize modular ‘parts’ in-game for Developer Pre-fabrication and Player Customization for all types of Entities: Characters/Creature|Face|Body, Armor, Melee & Fire Weapons, Props|Furniture, Crafts/Vehicles/Machines/Hybrids, Level Architecture/Structures. BP Editor Apps coupled with 3D Asset Parts, would provide Developers a powerful development system (A powerful/lucrative business model for DAZ3D). Thus, I’m seeking a Vendor to continuously supply these Editor Applications with new high quality Modular Asset Parts, Parts Packs, other Bundles. Please Skype:techlord_on_skype or PM at your leisure. Look forward to a discussion. Thanks for reading.

Sorry. We’ve been absolutely booked for the past week with contract, marketplace, and personal project work. I’ve added you on Skype.