Pixel depth offset documentation?

I cannot find any specific documentation about the pixel depth offset feature. Will it be covered in the not too distant future?

It’s been a year and more since this was posted but there still doesn’t seem to be any documentation on it. :frowning:

We document the node and a simple use case. The Content Examples map for Parallax Occlusion Mapping has some additional examples of its use.

Another instance where this was used was in the Open World demo (‘A Boy and His Kite’) used Pixel Depth Offset to add normalized shadowing depth to the billboard trees for the lowest LOD of a mesh, which you can use to see the final output of how that was created. (Shown below)


What you don’t get from that example that I see a lot of people ask about is how to get the from the creation phase to the final step where you have the pixel depth offset usage for these billboards with their rotation affected by camera location. This is a much more involved setup and tutorial than what we currently have available or that I believe there is any plan to work on currently.

If this doesn’t help answer your question, can you be more specific about what needs to be documented that has not already been or that we don’t have an existing example to learn from?