Pixel culling in 3D space?

Hello Community!

I’m new to the UE4 and this is my very first call for help, so… be gentle with me :smiley:

Well… here it is:

Q: is there a way to cull the exceeding pixels of an actor partially placed across a given volume/boundaries in 3D space?

I think about a somewhat user defined VOLUME placed in the scene that acts like a boolan visibility (at least) cutting off those inside/outside on a “per pixel” basis.

Does it exists? Is it just in my wildst dreams?

I have a second chance involving render targets but I was asking myself (then you!) if there is a more cheap and comfortable way to make it.

Thank you in advance!

Massimo “massimagnus” Magnasciutti
I’ve been away from game/mod developing since 2006
Now I’m back!