Pixel Art Rotation

Hello everybody :slight_smile:

My name is Aleksander and i’m making pixel art games for a year or longer using Unreal Engine 4 as my main game engine. I began to wonder few weeks ago is it possible to make a pixel art rotation keeping pixel perfect effect - what I want to do is basicly take one sprite of a gun for this example. Gun is pointing straight at right. And now: is it possible to make a rotation for this pixel art keeping pixels always pixel perfect?

I saw plugin for this kind of stuff for other popular game engine but since my programming skills are really weak at the moment (blueprints! :slight_smile: ) I’m sticking with UE4. I really like UE4 workflow and many other things… anyway - I’m not even concidering switching to other game engine. If You can help me find a answer or solution for pixel art rotation keeping pixel perfect - I would be 100% complete in terms of expectation from this engine.

Best regards :slight_smile:


I’m sorry if I posted it in the wrong place. Redirect me if so please. Thank You :slight_smile: