Pixel art game with Unreal engine?

Can it be match?

Is it proper? hang out? get along? socialize with Unreal engine?

Or should I go to unity if I go with pixel art?

There are tons of free open source engines these days that are made just for that, why not grab one of those and try it out. the way I see it UE4 is overkill for such projects unless you are working on the next “The last night”.

I would recommend looking at game maker because it has a huge following, help is always available

It is a bit of overkill as other people say. These guys took the challenge and created a pixel art 2d game with UE4 The Siege and the Sandfox: Pixel Art Game with UE4

So I would suggest Unity or Game Maker for creating a pixel art game. I have myself never used GM (only Unity) but it seems good for pixel art :slight_smile:

Dead Cells is made with Unity…
AND, Unity has a 2D TopDown mapeditor (based on the Idea to recreate the RPG Maker) as Asset.

I don´t think Engines like Unreal are overkill. But it has less Features to deal directly with 2D. So you need to work a bit more.

Don´t use Paper2D. Even it is released inside Unreal Editor, the Experimental State is really hardcore experimental and misses a whole Ton of Features to work well with it.
Better use TilED and a Tiled Map Importer, Parallax Mapping and try creating better Materials for Flipbook like Animations.

Most 2D Workspaces lack of 3D Features, like Bounding Box Collision, Normalmapping, Advanced Shaders. You can give it a Try, but i would recoomend Unity, GameMaker, IndieGameMaker or RPG Maker for such Things.

I recommend Godot. It’s free, open source, easy to learn and very powerful.

It’s overkill from price standpoint alone, many indie 2d games don’t usually have the long term development cycles as full fledged 3d ones (unless you are making Ori), this makes the 10% you have to pay to Epic a bit more hurtful if you plan to sell the game, on the other hand paying small monthly fees to Unity for a short to mid term project is more beneficial, but best of all go to free open source ones and never look back.