Before this question, i am afraid that my english may not be that good,since im from China.
And as u can see,it is not an really “ark dev kit” problem but with a "pix"behind it. That is because my computer isn’t that good to allow me to make mod for ark. But i really want to, so i choose pixark. But acutally there is not topic for pixark.However its modding tool is really similar to ark’s. So i pose my problem under ark mod subject and hope to get some answers. And hope my expression won‘t confuse you.

When i finished modding an new creature and want to upload it to steam work shop(my first time to mod a game),and follow the tutorials ,i need to cook them. But after i pressed “cook game mod” and after a while, the status stop at a loading process as the picture show.

it seems that it is still loading and i k it cost great time for my cumputer to handle it, but after about 10 hours, it sill remain on the same process just as the picture show, so i think there should be problem. Something doesn’t like error or crash but stop me from the last step of modding.
Does there any simliar problems? or how to slove this.

anybody there