Pivot / transform gizmo question

Hey folks,

I’m sure there’s a simple answer to this that I’ve just totally missed or forgotten. I’ve been going through the different sample projects getting a feel for the engine, and messing around with Highrise in the ShooterGame example I noticed that many of the pivot points were completely offset from the static mesh or BSP. It doesn’t seem like there’s a way to change pivot points in editor, but is there a way to at least get the transform gizmo to show up centered on the displayed object / on screen? With BSP I can move things around in geometry mode, and at least get a center-of-verts gizmo, but I see no way to accomplish this with static meshes without reexporting them from the original DCC app.


-either you do it in a 3d program
-or do a click on the pivot (white ball) with the middle mouse button and drag it to the position that you want -> but that’s just a temporary pivot position :slight_smile:

Darn, that’s more or less what I figured. It’s a shame that the sample game is full of weird pivots - it makes deconstructing it much more difficult. Thanks for the info!