Pivot points making me furious

The pivot on a door I made is not importing into UE4 in the location it is set in maya. Help me please.

The pivot needs to be at 0 0 0. You can make a helper object at that location and bind/link to it and use the helper as the transform nod.

Do I set that in maya or unreal?

Well you could do it in both or either but if you want the door to pivot at the edge then the edge needs to be at 0 0 0. The other option in Unreal is if you are off of 0 0 0 in Unreal you can use a primitive object as a helper and it’s transform is always 0 0 0 and link to it (works as a “last” selection as well). Come to think of it would make for a nice feature addition to have helpers that don’t render as game objects.

either case if you of say 10 10 10 relative to world space it will still transform at 0 0 0

It’s crazy that we don’t have dummies or aligning commands in UE4…
How do you align a primitive cube precisely at center’s objects?

Settings -> Enable actor snapping or simply ctrl+shift+k