Pivot Point

please i want Import FBX from 3D max multi elements in one FBX project I know how can I Export from MAX to Unreal Engine … but the problem is the Pivot point of some elements Like the Screen shot … Please how can i set the Pivot point to Correct Position ?

Hi Elea,

There is currently a feature request in for this with UE-9484, but it is backlogged due to other priorities.

When creating assets in any modeling application you will need to move the asset to the world origin (0,0,0) as this is what UE4 will use as the pivot point location. If your mesh is offset from this the pivot will be at the world origin and the mesh will be offset by it’s distance from that.


thanks for help :slight_smile:

Hi Elea,

There are many users facing the same problem but I think there is a solution for this problem within the editor itself.

There is an option in import FBX options under mesh ’ Transform Vertex to Abs…’, un-check this and your mesh’s pivot will be at its position.

try this, I hope this will help you. Let me know if it does not work.

Unchecking the box in the import options you said makes the objects about 1/500 the size. I didn’t check to see if it fixes the pivot point, as it was an afterthought to try as I am trying to fix a different problem.