Pivot on a Static Mesh from Maya

Hi there,

n00b here with a n00b questón i guess…

I move from Unity to Unreal ( hard change ) and the big one that i realize is at the import Workflow.

I’m use to create my entire Scene in “cinema4D” or in Maya… export the selection and in Unity3D import that and good to go. But in Unreal… didn’t work, it’s move the mesh pivot like 3 meters off. For what i search i just see that the “correct” way is create every single object and move manually the center pivot to 0,0,0 and move the mesh. “that it’s fine while u have big a nice objects” but in real levels… how i can manage 1000objets?

I’m missing a checkbox? ( i hope )
There is any Tutorial where explain the workflow method?


You have to put an edge, center or wherever you want the pivot point of the model at the 0,0,0 coordinates in Maya, then export. The pivot in UE4 is always going to be 0,0,0 in your Maya scene.